Alfred inlineAlfred Adjaottor is pastor of Dansoman Baptist Church, in Ghana, West Africa, affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Accra, Ghana. His church recently planted Triumph Baptist Fellowship in Nsakina, a remote suburb of Accra. Pastor Adjaottor sends the following update.

By the grace of God, Triumph Baptist Fellowship in Nsakina was launched on Dec. 21. Enthusiasm is low, but praise God there is always a remnant who are high-spirited and supportive.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday preceding the Sunday launch service, we showed open-air evangelistic movies at three locations. Hundreds of residents came out or stood at a distance to watch. We distributed about a 1,000 Gospel of John booklets and tracts, and scores of people gave their lives to Christ.

The roads are indeed terribly bad. Sometimes it felt like we were actually pushing the car rather than driving it. On the first Sunday meeting, however, the fellowship was blessed with 21 children, an aged member of Dansoman Baptist Church who lives in the area and her daughter, and a team of 17 members of Dansoman Baptist Church who came to lend their support. We go to town once or twice a week since to evangelize and follow up. We are praying that the Lord will establish that work for His glory.

The ministry in Amanfrom, Liberty Baptist Church, is doing very well. We are privileged to see an average of 50 adults and 60 children in a Sunday morning service. Presently the ministry boasts of two people in Bible school—one from the main Liberty Baptist team and the other a Nigerian in the local outreach. We are praying to move the young church from a house to the piece of land acquired for the purpose. We pray that the Lord would provide some funds for the relocation.


  • Sponsorship for Hope Bible Clubs: $300 per month
  • Database projector: $1,200
  • Outdoor projector screen
  • Portable PA system (speakers, amplifier, mixer)
  • Pickup/van: $8,000–$30,000
  • Gift Bibles for clubbers
  • A versatile printer/photocopier

God bless you for your ministry of prayer for us!!

Alfred, Martha, and Phebe Adjaottor
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana