ship-benches-inlineNew Testament Baptist School is urgently asking for financial help to meet the needs of its growing student body in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Pastor Jesse Quapourlee of the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc., which operates the school, shares the following four financial needs.

Customs fee for books. A strong Bible-believing church in collaboration with a Christian resource organization, both in the United States, thought it prudent to supply our educational materials needs (pastoral helps, concordances, assorted Christian schoolbook, etc.). The books were packed in a container and shipped to us last month. The shipment is expected to arrive at our port on September 24. We’re required to pay the customs fee of $2,000 for the clearance of the container, and locally we have raised $1,000. We are soliciting your prayer for the Lord’s provision of the remaining $1,000 to avoid confiscation of the container by the port authority if we are unable to clear the container within one week after landing.

UPDATE ON CUSTOMS FEE FOR BOOKS: Additional days were granted, so we have 6 more days (deadline October 3) to raise $600 still remaining.

  • To help meet this need, donate online, by phone, or by check. Mark your gift as #6070—African account.



Armchair desks. Pray for the Lord’s provision of additional ship-chairs-inlinearmchair desks ($5 each) for our students; we have pretty close to 400 students this academic year. Some students who come from distant communities have to stand up in their classes because the few chairs are already filled by their classmates before they arrive.

qua-lunch-kidsFood supplies. We are praying for more food supplies for the upkeep of the lunch program through the academic year. More than 95 percent of the student population comes to school hungry because they cannot afford to eat breakfast at their homes. We currently need $300 to sustain the food program monthly. We are resolved to sending regular monthly reports to any contributor(s) to this qua-lunch-program-inlineGod-glorifying program.

Tuition. We are also praying for funding to cover the tuition fees of 150 impoverished students. Each of these students needs $100 per year.

Jesse Quapourlee
African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc.
Monrovia, Liberia

  • To help meet this school’s financial needs, donate online, by phone, or by check. Mark your gift as #6070—African account.