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The Problem
Just as many Christian schools around the world need new roofs or desks or places for the students to sleep, they need books. Students and their parents do not have money to pay for books. In fact, many schools don’t even have enough money to pay the teachers!

As your Cowabunga Farm “farmers” work on their lessons, they are reading! They couldn’t do their activity sheets if they couldn’t read and write. Yet there are students around the world who struggle to do both of those things. They cannot practice reading because they have no books. They cannot learn to write because they have never read good writing. They cannot practice solving math problems because they have no workbooks. They cannot learn about faraway places. And most important of all, they cannot grow as children of God if they cannot read the Bible or books that help them understand and apply it. You can be a part of the solution!

The Solution
Your VBS offering can go to Christian schools in Africa and Asia to fill a bookcase or maybe even an entire library! Your students can read about places like Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Bangladesh, and India. Now they have the opportunity to help kids in those countries learn to read, write, and do math—and definitely to learn about living for Christ.

An offering of $100 would pay for fourteen books; $350 would buy fifty books; and $700 would provide a school with 100 books! Chris Hindal, who is in charge of raising money for Christian schools in faraway places, says, “You can cast the vision for your children to look beyond themselves and see their potential to help others. Help them set a goal.” He is asking your VBS to see how many books you can send. Your gifts will propel children in Africa and Asia to a lifetime of learning.

Please consider adopting Operation Books as your VBS missions offering project.

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