My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus.

This is the first semester or the first year for me to be President Indonesian Theological Seminary, we called Sekolah Tinggi Theologia Indonesia. This seminary is Baptist tradition which started since 1972. There are so many leaders around Indonesia have graduated from this seminary.

Today my vision is to prepare leaders for local churches in the future, who have knowledge and skill how to share the Gospel, how to train the new leaders as the way of Jesus and His Apostles for evangelism and church planting. This semester I have been teaching new paradigms to the students and some leaders of local churches. I have more than 30 people who joined this class. They are interesting in studying.

Next semester, I will be started with some groups in some islands and provinces or satellite school for training leaders in evangelism and church palnting. Next month, April 7-12, 2008, I will be visited west of Sulawesi islands and centre of Jawa in Purwokerto (there are most people of Muslem).

You could see on the picture that most of students and pastors from local churches interesting in learning and studying, when I am teaching in class.

Furthermore, last week, on Friday night, I have special worship service. I called it  “Mission Night” and show the church members and others leaders about the church mission in the world today. The one interesting in sharing mission is pastor Moklas who shared the Gospel and many people believed Jesus as Savior. He trained some leaders and they are trained others also. Today, in my church, I have three leaders who already sent to start new churches in different places. Pastor Recky in Kotamobagu ( a lot of Muslem), pastor Erna Keloay in Sea Philipi, pastor Johny in Tomohon. Please pray for this ministries as Paul asking to Thessalonians believers, based on 2 Thes.3:1. “Finally brothers, pray for us that the message (Word) of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.”

Mission Night Worship

Finally, thank you so much for your supporting me in your praying. Please remember me always in your prayer with my prayer requests:

1. Planning to start satellite schools in some provinces with some key leaders for training.

2. Teaching and training leaders in seminary.

3. Financial supporting for training leaders and evangelism and church planting

4. My trip mission to west of Sulawesi and centre of Jawa in Purwokerto. I need to raise some money for this mission trip.

5. My trip of mission to Semarang on April 14 – 25, 2008.

6. My father, who has retired from pastor, had problem about his health.   I helped him to doctor and still had problem.

Your fellow worker in Christ,

Ferry S. Paoki.