I arrived last August 10, 2009 from my travels in the USA that took me almost three months. I was able to attend 4 important meetings namely: Theological Educators Conference at the ABWE headquarters; GARBC Annual Conference in Ohio; Alumni Gathering in California and; the Friends of Doane 2009 Ingathering in Pennsylvania. All these meetings have been very significant to the ministry of Doane Baptist Bible Institute. This resulted in the strengthening of our partnership with the supporting churches and individuals and in establishing new connections. I also had the privilege of visiting at least Sixteen (16) churches and groups. To all of you who accommodated me in your homes and went out of your way to spend time with me, thank you very much. You have encouraged me a lot. When I left for the US we were praying that God would enable us to raise Eight Thousand Dollars ($ 8000.00) for the refurbishment of the library. So far we have received $4,500.00 for the project. Certainly, this amount is good enough to start our project and hopefully, more help will be coming. Any amount that is donated toward this endeavor will go a long way in the training of our students.

While I was away one of our students had a heart attack in his sleep. At about 1:30 in the morning he was brought to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival. He was a working student assigned in the kitchen yet he performed well in class, so I had him in mind when somebody gave me an amount for a full scholarship. But the Lord took him home before I arrived. Dwight Villarosa, 33 years old, certainly lived a fruitful life. He died before he could graduate but his life was already a blessing to many. During weekends he ministered to the lives of the members of the church where he was assigned and faithfully proclaimed the Gospel to their neighbors. He left a very good example to all of us. We truly do not know how the Lord can use any investment that we give to our students as they touch the lives of many especially when they leave the portals of Doane and continue serving the Lord. Surely, your financial support and prayers will never be in vain. Together we can accomplish more. Thank you very much.

In His service,