David Chhetri, executive secretary of the Fundamental Baptist Churches Fellowship of Manipur, India, thanks Regular Baptist International for financial support to assist in construction needs.

Regular Baptist International gave his ministry a grant to repair a drinking-water well and to remodel two bedrooms and the kitchen in his ministry’s orphanage.

“Your partnership in ministry has truly been helpful to us, especially in accomplishing ministry specific needs,” David says.

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David says he has “fully dedicated [his] life to serve Jesus and obey His mission.” And “to be more effective and accountable in the ministry,” he earned a doctor of ministry degree June 2. “This academic achievement is a milestone for me,” he says. He was also ordained June 23.

“Kindly continue to pray for me, as I saw the need to train and equip lay pastors and church leaders in our surrounding areas in order to spread effective Biblical church planting ministry,” he says.

To begin such a ministry, his area needs a discipleship training institute. He is praying “for the Lord’s guidance and provision” to train and equip others in ministry.