In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Community of Baptist Churches of Central Africa thanks Regular Baptist International for a financial grant that will help displaced people living in camps and with host families.

Conflict in Congo has forced people to flee their homes. Among those people are members of churches affiliated with the Community of Baptist Churches of Central Africa.

All of these people face hunger and insecurity. “Food has become very expensive, and hunger is in every home,” says Pastor Ndiho Pascal, president of the Central Africa association.

The grant enabled him to buy food for his displaced church members and some of their neighbors—432 people from five churches.

“When we discussed about how to distribute the food, we agreed to call those nearby church members to meet together in one place, at Bethany Church” in Goma, Ndiho says.

Those coming from Bethel Church, one of the association’s churches outside of Goma, met in a different location. “We paid transportation [for] them. They came in a taxi, and only the representative of families came: 12 persons representing 12 families.”

Those receiving food “were thankful,” Ndiho says. “Truly, for some families it was the manna from Heaven.” They told him, “God provided for the days past, and today will continue providing.”

“Pray for displaced people,” Ndiho says. It is common, he says, for displaced families to eat only once a day, typically in the evening after spending the day begging or working for someone who could provide a meal.

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