Victory International School in Myanmar began a new school year in June both online and in-person, reports Victor Vula, principal of the school.

“After two years of online study alone, students are happy to be back to school two days a week in rotation,” Victor says. “Hope we can have them more time at the school, especially for preschoolers. A lot of the teachings will still be done online.”

He is also thankful that the school installed a generator (as the school experiences power cuts four hours a day), built a playground, and recruited at least 12 new teaching and office staff members.

Please pray for consistent electricity, affordable universities for graduates, support for children in disadvantaged communities, and the building project starting in the next few months that will add more classrooms on the school’s new property.

Victor also leads Victory Community Chapel. The church plans to expand its ministry “to young people in the city to help them find their purpose in life and serve God more effectively.”

Please continue praying for Myanmar, Victor says. “There is not much progress with the current situation in Myanmar: more houses burned, including church buildings, people continue to die, and many people live in difficulties where they ran for safety.

“Please continue to pray so that the conflict in Myanmar will end, and for our effort to reach more people with their basic needs. Because of your prayer and support, we are able to continue sending some support from time to time.”