The Biblical Baptist Partnership International continues to plan for its Regional Partners Conference January 26–28 at Camp En Gedi and Retreat Center in Manipur, India.

The cost of attending is free, including meals and lodging. The conference is open to all BBPI partners and to prospective partners who want to learn more about the ministry and meet its leaders.

Preaching and teaching will be led by David Strope, GARBC interim national representative, and Dr. H. C. Stephen, former chairman of the BBPI. Topics will include Baptist distinctives, the centrality of the gospel, staying strong in persecution, and building healthy churches. The schedule will also include time for fellowship and five-minute testimonies and ministry reports from BBPI partners. The conference will begin on the 26th at 2:00 p.m. and end on the 28th at noon.

While the conference is free, guests will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses, and Camp En Gedi asks guests to give voluntary donations to help pay for the conference expenses.

Register for the conference by emailing by January 4 so the camp can plan meals and housing. International guests are reminded that they will need a passport and visa to enter the country.

The last time the BBPI met was in 2017 in the Philippines, so the association is looking forward to being together after such a long absence.

“We so look forward to a regathering of BBPI in partnership with churches around the world,” David Strope says. “We will rejoice together, rejuvenate our fellowship, and be instructed by God’s Spirit through the preaching and teaching of His Word. Come and be refreshed together!”