Chris and Deb Hindal moved about Lisbon with missionary Brent Lowe as he shuttled us from one place to another on Sunday, May 5.  Chris preached and presented the ministries at the Baptist church in Loures in the morning.  Sunday School started at 10:15 AM and the morning service let out about 1:15 PM.  It was nearly 2:00 PM before we left because the believers tend to stay around and fellowship together.  In the afternoon we joined a houseful of missionaries for a one year old’s birthday. Chris also preached and brought the ministry challenge in the evening at the Baptist church in Miratejo.  The evening service is their main worship service so it was a full church, complete with a worship team, guitars and drums. God brought delight to our hearts as we worshiped with them.  Though ministry in Portugal is slow and challenging, God is building His church and using both the missionaries and the nationals to lovingly bring traditional

Roman Catholics to saving faith in Jesus Christ.