Charles Mwapeis is the youth president of the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia. He sends the following ministry report.

About 15 leaders renewed their commitment as part of agents of change to reach out to the next generation with the message of hope during the Leaders’ Forum on March 24 in Luanshya, Zambia. The youth leaders are already carrying out community research for the formation of the CORE 4 team.

Easter celebrations were coupled with a lot of spiritual transformation activities among the youth in their various churches. Youth leaders were assigned to engage youth in worship, music, and prayer. Furthermore, a unique contribution was made by reaching out to the community of the afflicted, the vulnerable, drug addicts, and the hopeless. The services of providing meals and other life-changing services were provided. Much more time for soul searching and soul lifting for youth workers was awesome!

The pastor and youth coordinator for the Luanshya and Mpongwe rural regions baptized 16 youths during an Easter celebration at a newly planted church in Mpongwe, where three churches gathered. It’s so encouraging to see a vibrant upcoming youth ministry.

It was so exciting to see that Christ was celebrated as not only risen, but also [alive] in the hearts of the youth who sought deeper relationships with the Lord. We are committed to build a capable leadership team to impact them for Christ.

Charles Mwape
Northern Baptist Association of Zambia
Ndola, Zambia