Pousiam inlineBt. Pousiam is president of Berean Baptist Ministries in Noney, India, which operates Berean Baptist Academy. Pousiam sees the need to construct a new church building to meet the school’s and church’s increasing attendance and sends the following letter of appeal.

Berean Baptist Academy currently educates 850 students. The school, with its Christ-centered atmosphere, leads the students in Christian character. Inside the school premises, 250 people reside, including orphans, staff, family members, and church members. The number of students and church members increases each year. Our temporary chapel hall/church cannot accommodate the number of people. We are compelled to start a new church building.

Therefore, this is our urgent appeal and prayer. Kindly share with us in this challenge. Help us raise approximately $25,000 for the building construction, to be finished in due time and used for His glory.

We shall be looking forward to your kind cooperation and great concern for the project. May God continue to bless your ministry and families.

Yours in His service,

Bt. Pousiam
Berean Baptist Ministries
Noney, India