Dr. Nabin C. Singha is president of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Assam, India. He sends the following ministry update.

Pray for the church building renovation project of Alipur Baptist Church. The present church building is about 70 years old, built in 1951 by Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries Dr. G. G. Crozier and Dr. Quentin D. Kenoyer and others. It has many leaks and cracks in the walls and roofs.

The blueprint from the architect/engineer is received. With some modifications to bring down the high cost, construction work is planned to be started in the middle of January 2020. Pray for wisdom, right workers, and enough funds to be provided by the Lord.

Pray for the Meiteis (Manipuris), Pangals (Manipuri, Muslims), Assamese, Bengalis, Adivasis (Tea Garden workers), Deshwalis, and Tribals for salvation. Pray that God might give our church team wisdom to reach out effectively to these unreached people groups with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. From August to November, 53 people professed Christ as Savior. This includes 45 students at Loyamba Hostel at Pailapool on Aug. 15.

Rev. Dr. Nabin C. Singha
Fellowship of Baptist Churches
Pailapool, Assam, India