Kennedy lineJosiah Kennedy is vice president of the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Accra Central, Ghana, West Africa. He sends the following ministry report.

We again want to thank God for my recovery from malaria. The past few months have been very busy. First, four weeks ago, the Lord enabled our church, Crossroads Baptist, to start a church plant in the outskirts of Accra in an area called Nsawam, in the eastern region of Ghana.

One of our deacons, Paul Adin, moved to that area about five months ago. We felt the need to start a church there, since it was an hour drive to get to our church. There is only one Bible-believing church in the area. Paul has had two years of Bible school training, and as a church we felt the need to encourage him to go back to complete the two more years. Please pray with Brother Paul and his wife, Anna, as they lead the new ministry in Nsawam. In the first church service, 10 precious souls received Christ into their lives.

Second, Dodowa Baptist Fellowship is doing great. Two weeks ago, two people were baptized to theKennedy bap inline glory of God. There should have been over 10 people baptized, but there were strong challenges from many of their parents. Many of the parents do not understand baptism and do not understand why their children should be baptized in another church. Please pray fervently for us as we need to work harder.

Third, we praise the Lord for the joy of seeing many being saved in our soul-winning program at Crossroads Baptist Church. We also praise Him for continued spiritual growth and numerical growth of our church.

Fourth, two weeks ago, I taught the Acts of Apostles at our Bible institute. Please pray for the students at the Bible institute that we as pastors and lecturers will be a blessing to them. We have seven students, with two completing at the end of this month.

Josiah Kennedy
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana