Cyrus Wanyonyi Chefunea is director of Good Soil Baptist Churches in Bungoma, Kenya. He sends the following summary of ministries that his association led throughout the year.


  1. Open-air meetings and fellowships: one open-air meeting per month (12 open-air meetings) = 4,852 attended, 1,864 lost souls were saved, 800 rededicated to the Lord, and 2,893 prayed for needs.
  2. Fellowship in homes in rural remote areas: one fellowship per month (12 fellowships) = 5,240 attended, 1,490 gave their lives to Jesus, 2,532 rededicated to the Lord, and 3,688 prayed for needs.
  3. Soccer camps: one camp every holiday (four camps per year) = 4,865 attended, 3,266 gave their lives to Jesus, 700 rededicated to the Lord, and 3,125 prayed for needs.
  4. Orphans outreach during holidays: 894 lost gave their lives to Jesus.

Church Planting

  1. In western Kenya: six new churches
  2. Nyanza: four new churches
  3. Gilgoris plus Kisii: eight churches
  4. Tranzoia region: six new churches
  5. Mt. Elgon: four new churches
  6. Uganda: one new church


  1. Church leaders: one in each holiday (4 per year); 345 attended
  2. Women: four per year; 640 attended
  3. Youths: four per year; 1,400 attended
  4. Children four per year; 2,800 attended

Cyrus Wanyonyi
Good Soil Baptist Churches Int.
Bungoma, Kenya