Jermi Babu Gowdiperu is president of Hope Now Interior Ministries in India. He sends the following ministry update.

In a small village called Siddik Nager, people of this village are fishermen. There is a big lake right beside the village. People have depended upon on this lake to catch the fish and sell it and feed the families.

We started the ministry in this interior, downtrodden, idol-worshiping village in 2007. Twenty-five families received Christ as their Savior, and still there are several families in idol worshiping. Brother John is pastoring this village. Though he was a fisherman and less educated, he has zeal for Christ and to extend His kingdom. Pastor John came to the Lord in 2005. He dedicated himself to bringing his people the saving knowledge of Christ, and he started the ministry in 2007. By all his efforts, now there are 25 families, around 60 people, who have received Christ as their Savior and are worshiping the Lord. The Lord has blessed his efforts of 2016, and eight people received Christ as their Savior and were baptized. Among them, four are young men, four are women, and one is an old women about 70 years old.

Thanking you for your prayer and encouragement.

Jermi Babu Gowdiperu
Hope Now Interior Ministries
Kallur, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, India