John Nascimento is a Brazilian missionary to Guyana, South America. He sends the following ministry update.

In December we had caroling, singing Christmas hymns door-to-door in the two villages. We distributed leaflets and had a great time of fellowship.

Two special services focused on Christ—His life and mission. In the new year we were at the Emmaus church until after midnight, while the men of the church at Clonbrook took charge of the programming there.

We received a visit from the young Mailton Silva, of the Bela Cruz Church of Bela Cruz, Ceará, who is a seminarian and aspiring missionary in Guyana. He was with us for a month helping us with the two churches and organized two Bible classes. Maílton is a close friend of mine, closer than brother, and an uncle to my children (since they have none) and we were blessed with their help here in the Guianese field.

John Nascimento
East-Berbice-Corentyne, Guyana, South America