Mon inlineLeadership workshops and seminars were recent highlights at churches affiliated with Calvary Baptist Association of Monrovia, Liberia. Larque Vaye sends the following ministry report.

During the [spring] quarter, 25 persons trusted the Lord as Savior at Calvary Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia. On May 1, 25 persons were baptized, while 14 completed the new believers’ class. Four of the candidates came from New Life Baptist Church on Duport Road in Paynesville. A total of 95 persons visited the church during the quarter.

On April 9, I conducted a church leaders’ workshop for Point of Hope Baptist Fellowship in Marshall. The workshop brought together participants from Monrovia, Schieffelin, and the Ben’s Town community. More than 30 persons attended the workshop. Topics taught were qualifications of church leaders and Christian leadership.

April 26–29, I attended a soul-winning conference in Cestos City, Rivercess County, and conducted an evangelism workshop. The conference brought together churches from Monrovia, Grand Bassa, and Nimba Counties. The conference was held in order to help the newly established Baptist church in the city of Cestos. During the outreach and soul winning, many trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. On May 22, I also conducted a deacons’ workshop for Bethlehem Baptist Church.

New Life Baptist Church continued its activities for the quarter. The average attendance at the fellowship is 35 persons. The Awana program, which was launched last quarter, remained active during the quarter, with active attendance by kids from the community. On June 26, the Awana club took over the entire church service with parents in attendance.

Zwedru Baptist Fellowship in Grand Gedeh County is thankful to churches and individuals that continue to support the ministry since the church started some five years ago. Intensive outreach and evangelism brought three additional members who will be joining the first five persons to attend the baptism class. During the past quarter, Pastor Alex Roberts conducted a one-day church leadership seminar for independent Baptist churches in Grand Gedeh County. The church construction project is at a standstill due to the rain.

Larque Vaye
Calvary Baptist Association
Monrovia, Liberia