Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, was privileged to speak at the first Renown International Conference Aug. 25–27 in Cebu City, Philippines.

The Renown Conference has been an annual conference for college students and single professionals in the Philippines. But for the first time, Campus Bible Fellowship Philippines, which organizes the conference, encouraged people around the world to attend.

CBFP’s president, Philip Fernandez (pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines), had asked Hindal to be the main speaker. Full-time staff members of Campus Bible Fellowship rounded out the speaking slots, addressing the theme “Striving Together for the Gospel and God’s Global Renown.” During one unique element, six people gave 10-minute “mini lectures” on subjects relevant to single young adults.

Attendance numbered 260 conferees, primarily Filipinos, but also including 19 people from India, Oman, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, the Virgin Islands, Canada, and the United States. Hindal says, “The singing raised the roof as these students and young professionals lifted their voices in worship and praise to God.”

As Hindal spoke, he told the group, “This is a room full of world changers, not because any of us individually or all of us collectively are special, but we are connected to the almighty living God.”