Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, safely returned from a fruitful trip to Northeast India, where traveled Jan. 15–29. The first weekend he was the main speaker for the annual meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Churches Fellowship of Manipur. Nearly 400 people gathered in a tiny village, enduring the 40-degree nighttime temperatures, sleeping in tents, and meeting during the day in a bamboo structure covered by tarps. The schedule had Chris speaking five times on the theme “We Are Laborers Together with God.” To the glory of God, 23 people professed faith in Christ; each one was referred to a local church pastor.

Chris arrived in the village of Noney on Jan. 22 and spoke to 60 high school seniors the next day. The group provided a program including music and a skit, and then for an hour the students asked Chris questions about the Bible. He says, “It is so much fun to interact with students who want to learn more about the Bible.”

The final stop was the office of the New Testament Baptist Churches Association in Churachandpur. Chris spoke on the evenings of Jan. 25 and 26, as well as the next morning and evening, a Sunday, on the topics of marriage and the home. About 40 people made decisions on specific issues to correct in their marriages.

On Saturday, Jan. 26, Chris also visited Camp Engedi, located on a lake near Churachandpur. Pastor H. C. Stephen has directed the development of this Christian camp. While Chris visited, about 40 pastors and other church leaders met at the camp to consider God’s plan for local churches. In addition, Chris shared with them the effort to continue printing in India the Vacation Bible School curriculum published by Regular Baptist Press and told the leaders how they can purchase those resources.

Chris says, “While the trip was not easy, the fruit for eternity makes any hardships pale into insignificance.” Thanks to all who prayed for and financially supported this trip.