Wesley Chatla is a church planter with the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India, and administrator of the association’s school. He sends the following ministry update.

The mission of the school is pertinent to educate the present as well as upcoming generations to develop their sociocultural, economic, health, and academic standards coupled with the gospel. Most of the students are first generation kids getting the education. We thought of closing the school at the beginning of this academic year, which was June 2019, but God opened the doors to continue. We didn’t want to lose 179 kids, who have learned a lot and are growing in spirit.

It’s our heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude to one foundation who are friends of ours. Grandview Christian School in Iowa helped us to start off this academic year; otherwise we would have closed the school. We are also thankful for two individuals who are supporting these children.  

Wesley Chatla
Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
Andhra Pradesh, India