Victor Vula is director and principal of Victory International School in Myanmar and leads Victory Community Chapel, which started in July 2017. He sends the following ministry update.

Greetings from Myanmar! More COVID-19 cases are found each day in Yangon city, but we are well. It is always a pleasure to bring our ministry news and prayer update to you.

Victory Community Chapel

Although Victory Community Chapel still cannot hold regular church services, we meet as a family with a few friends every Sunday morning for worship. With the offering that we have collected and other donations we received, we can provide some food (rice, cooking oil, and some beans) for the missionary pastors we support and for their members. We pray to do it more often.

Victory International School

Although Myanmar has been experiencing new positive cases of COVID-19, with more death numbers reported each day, by God’s grace, Victory International School continues to teach with a home-based learning method, where teachers also teach from home. We have devotions every morning, followed by short discussions online. We are still not sure when students can come to the school; many school activities are also canceled.

We plan to start preparing for the next academic year starting with building more classrooms. As soon as the third and final payment for land is paid off in January 2021, we will need to build a steel building for classrooms and a playground.

Please continue to pray for Victory International School and its educational ministry in Myanmar. Every day students learn about God and His creation. Also pray for parents of the current students; COVID-19 causes many parents to lose their jobs. Please also pray for new teachers. We hope and pray that we can start school next academic year, which starts in June 2021. For that we will need over 10 new teachers.

Victor Lal S. Vula
Yangon, Myanmar