Alfred Adjaottor is a pastor affiliated with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Accra, Ghana. He sends the following ministry update.

By the grace of God, we held out first Sunday service for This Rock Baptist Church on Easter Sunday, April 1, after five months of evening Bibles studies. The Lord graciously provided what we needed to get started: a keyboard, a speaker, and a lectern. Praise God! We are still a fellowship meeting Saturday evenings for Bible studies and prayers, and Sunday mornings for worship and fellowship.

For the first Sunday, we recorded five attendants from the community and 13 loved ones and supporters, 10 of those sent from Liberty Baptist Church. There is always struggle by the help of God to attract some new folks who may also quit after a couple of weeks. Thankfully, we have come into contact with two Baptist families in the neighborhood. One is already punctual and has even started to help set up the meeting place!

Coincidentally or by divine arrangement, we have just spotted a 100 x 140 foot piece of land—good size, excellent location, walled, gated, and hosting four completed single rooms. This could provide a great boost to the new work. The stumbling block, however, is the cost—about $33,000— so huge, but very reasonable for a near prime community. We would appreciate your prayers and financial support to acquire this piece of land.

Alfred Adjaotter
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana, West Africa