John Abedu-Kennedy is a pastor with the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. He sends the following ministry update.

By God’s grace, all of our church plants and related ministries are growing steadily, spiritually, and numerically. Sometimes during some special occasions like weddings, funerals, baby dedications, etc., we do it jointly for the sake of fellowship.


Ongoing renovation on old building that we had bought. Wooden doors and concrete design block windows are being changed gradually to modern design doors and glass windows. This became urgently necessary after the front porch of the building caved in about two years ago and caused a huge amount of damage on the building. Thank God we are, little by little, tackling them when the Lord provides.


Many of the church members are youth and young adults in junior and senior high schools, as well as tertiary, so giving offerings to assist church ministries becomes very tough. We know God is in control.


Worshiping in Public Health Care Centre facility. A lot of inconveniences, but keeping things up until our God makes provisions for His own work.

Senya Bereku

Still visiting and looking around for a place of worship and a temporal place for our missionary to stay to oversee the work.

Bible Institute is doing well, by God’s grace. Presently we have four men in the school. We had a wonderful graduation exercise Saturday, Oct. 26. I taught last month’s school module, and Pastor Isaac, my son-in-law, handles this month’s module, which ended with the graduation ceremony.

Pastor John Abedu-Kennedy
Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana, West Africa