B. T. Pousiam is president of Berean Baptist Ministries and Academy in Manipur, India. He sends the following ministry update.

This year due to a second wave of COVID-19, all schools, colleges, universities, companies, offices, and businesses closed down and strict curfews are going on.

Our Berean Baptist Children’s Home orphanage, with 17 orphans, are facing a lot of difficulties and struggles for daily needs. All daily earnings and ways of income are blocked.

We run this children’s home without any sponsors. We were surviving only from the small income of the school operated by the children’s home. That little income was supporting the orphan children. But now due to lockdown and curfew, the school has closed, and we’re facing a very hard time.

When the lockdown started in April, we began rearing piglets to support the orphanage. The orphans are working for this small pig farm to sustain our lives. We are praying to keep more piglets.

Kindly do uphold in your prayers our ministry here in India for God’s continue blessings.

Pastor B. T. Pousiam
Berean Baptist Ministries
Noney, Manipur, India

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