India_inlineThe Northeast India Regional IPFBM Leadership Conference convened Oct. 8–10 in Imphal, India. Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, and his wife, Deb, participated as the GARBC partner representatives. Seventy leaders representing four northeast associations came together for encouragement, fellowship, and instruction. The evening services were open to local churches, and attendance swelled to 150.

The conference committee, made up of individuals from several associations, planned the conference with special attention to detail. Bob Faust, representing the pro-life ministry Life Matters, conducted afternoon seminars on the sanctify of life. Faust, H. C. Stephen (chairman of the IPFBM Council of Eight), and Chris served as the speakers for the general sessions. Stephen and Hindal held a special session with the officers of the four associations, casting vision for cooperative efforts as well as listening to the interests of each association.

The regional association is interested in pursuing a publishing effort in conjunction with Regular Baptist Press. The strategy includes not only publishing RBP Sunday School and VBS curriculum in English with an Indian adaptation, but also translating those materials into tribal languages. Dreaming of future ventures, the officers can envision the development of RBP Asia, publishing RBP curriculum for all of Asia. The officers decided to meet in the next 30 days to develop a publishing committee and set some definitive action steps.