Alipur Baptist Church in India will dedicate its new church building to the Lord Dec. 19. The association had been constructing the church since January 2020. This new building replaces the congregation’s 70-year-old building, which needed to be demolished due to its deteriorating condition.

Alipur Baptist Church is part of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Assam, India. Nabin C. Singha is chairman of the fellowship and has been pastor of Alipur Baptist Church since 1978.

“Pray for unreached people groups in India, that God might give our church team wisdom to reach out effectively to these people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,” Nabin says.

The Fellowship of Baptist Churches is also thankful that it was able to lead several conferences and meetings this fall and winter.

On Nov. 13 about 100 women attended a regional conference in Silchar. On Dec. 3 the fellowship hosted its annual meeting at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pailapool. At least one member from 50 of the fellowship’s churches attended. Emmanuel Baptist Church also hosted four prayer meetings for missionaries, on Sept. 2, Oct. 10, Nov. 2, and Dec. 2.

Next month the fellowship will hold a missions conference in Diphu. Nabin will be among the four speakers.