Eddie Wang of Christian Way Missions, Inc., sends the following letter regarding the effect of the coronavirus on ministry. Christian Way Missions is based in Saipan.

Due to the spread of the contagious coronavirus inside of China, both the governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the president of the United States suspended flights at the end of January. This disease has caused many deaths, and millions of people in China have been quarantined.

The training for this year at our training center faced a great challenge, since our Chinese 2T brothers and Christian educators will not be able to come during this time of medical crisis. The leaders of our organization decided it will be best to cancel the training classes and wait for God’s timing to resume future training.

Thus we are now hoping to plan a conference tentatively in September to promote the upcoming training in 2021. It will also be the 20th year celebration of its origin in 2001 in Saipan. We hope to invite many of our American teachers, friends, 2T men, and Christian educators to join us to encourage each other for strategies in the next decades.

Eddie Wang, partnering in ministry with Dr. Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions