The International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, part of Regular Baptist International, is changing its name to Biblical Baptist Partnership International. The partnership’s Council of Eight voted unanimously to adopt the new name.

“We will start using the new name, even though the final ratification will be at the next All-Partners Conference, slated for 2021,” says Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International.

The rationale behind the change concerns the connotation of “radical” or “fanatical” that accompanies the word “fundamental.” The Council made it clear that the name change does not in any way suggest a softening of the partnership’s doctrinal position.

Chris has received notes from several partnership leaders expressing appreciation for the Council’s sensitivity to the current religious and political environment worldwide. He also praises God “for continued growing interest in the partnership,” as the Council is currently reviewing an application from a ministry in South America to join the partnership.