The children in the tribal hills of Bangladesh have no electricity, no running water, no bathrooms, and a limited food supply, but none of these hardships impacts these children’s certain hope in Jesus.

Some of the children attend local hostel schools promoted by the Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches. Proving a further hardship, the children walking to these schools from the hills have been denied access through a man’s property. To provide access to the children, the schools needed funds to purchase land. The schools are now praising God for supplying the need. The cost of the land totaled $7,150, and people gave $6,650; only $500 remains to complete the purchase.

At the hostel schools, the hearts of the children have been transformed, and they have been given peace in spite of their circumstances. This is the beauty of the Christmas story, for God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth so that all who trust in Him might have peace.

The prayer of staff members for the coming year is that God will enable them to carry on the schools’ work so they can teach of Jesus’ love to new generations in the hills of Bangladesh.