Last fall, Dr. Chatla Devasahayam, president of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Nidumolu, South India, was injured. As a result, one of his toes needed to be amputated a few months ago. Despite quality medical care and antibiotics, infection set in and spread to his foot.

Much to his family’s grief, his leg was amputated below the knee on March 5. Another surgery, this time in his neck, took place March 17 after an MRI revealed compression of nerves (cervical disc prolapse), which had been hindering the movement of his leg.

His family says, “For a person who walked, bicycled, and travelled miles and miles tirelessly almost every day to share the Word right from his very young age till now, and who still has the same zeal and wants to do the same even at the age of 67, it is very, very difficult to comprehend [what] is going on with his health.”

Dr. Chatla is still in the hospital, but his recovery is slow. He is too weak to talk. After he heals, he will have a prosthetic leg placed and will undergo physiotherapy. Please remember him in prayer.