NancySakie_inlineThe Ebola virus continues to spread through West Africa and has claimed the lives of 1,350 people. Nancy Sackie, a pastor’s wife in the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, affiliated with the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, died Aug. 19. She served as a translator for Deb Hindal as she, along with her husband, Chris, director of GARBC International Ministries, spoke for the Easter Conference of the African Fundamental Baptist Mission.

Deb says, “None of us would have ever anticipated that in a few short months she would be in Heaven.”

“Our hearts and prayers go out to Pastor George Sackie and their church families,” Chris says.

Pastor George is the church planter in the villages of Mafla and Galai. “These villages are about one hour apart on dirt lanes,” Chris says. “Recently through the donations to the IPFBM we sent him the funds to purchase a motorcycle to aid him in his ministry.” (Read “Motorcycles to African Evangelists.”)

In addition to his pastoral ministries, Pastor George is the principal of the Christian school in Mafla. Meeting in grass-roofed huts, students are educated in kindergarten through third grade. In 2013 Regular Baptist Press’s VBS program initiated a missions project that collected $30,000 to build a school building large enough to accommodate kindergarten through sixth grade. The new school is expected to open in September.

Chris says, “Pray for Pastor George and his heavy responsibilities even as he mourns the Homegoing of his wife.

“All over West Africa our brothers and sisters live in fear that the virus will reach into their families. As a partnering fellowship, we anticipate more opportunity to minister to special needs among our partners.” If you would like to reach out with a gift of love, donate online, selecting “African Projects” as your designation, or send a check to:

GARBC International Ministries
1300 N. Meacham Road
Schaumburg IL 60173

Write “African Projects” on the memo line.