Wesley Chatla is a pastor with the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India, and administrator of the association’s school. He sends the following ministry update.

A team of five people from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Iowa visited our ministries. The team was headed by Mark Lounsbrough, chair of the Missions Department, and his wife, Becki. We organized a pastors’ seminar, women’s meeting, and youth retreat for four consecutive days at different places. The events were indeed a blessing to all the participants.

Pastors’ Seminar: What a precious time we had together studying the Word of God from the book of Acts. We conducted a pastors’ seminar in three areas, and 450 pastors attended. All were blessed through the study of living in a Church Age and waiting for the coming of Christ, equipping and encouraging the church to live for Lord, and the life of Paul and his missionary journeys. Pastors expressed immense interest in learning more and are looking forward to hearing from the book of Romans.

Women’s Meeting: The ladies had a great time with the young girls and Becki Lounsbrough. The girls shared their testimonies and from the scriptures as well. Mrs. Becki’s object lesson about prioritizing time to pray and reading the Word in the midst of the chores on a daily basis was a needed reminder to the women. They enjoyed the fellowship and were thankful for the team’s dedication to come all the way to visit and encourage them.

Youth Retreat: India is the second largest populated country in the world, and 40 percent of the population is under the age of 25. Youth are looking for the right direction and going astray without the right direction in their lives. Mark Lounsbrough clearly explained the gospel and covered the story of the whole Bible and the God’s plan for humankind. It was an encouraging and blessed time together, and youth were challenged and committed their lives to Christ.

Wesley Chatla
Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
Andhra Pradesh, India