The Chin people of Myanmar now have a complete Bible in the Falam language, thanks to the dedication of Timothy Sui Lian Mang.

Timothy is president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship, mission director of Revival Baptist Churches of Myanmar, and founder of Biblical School of Theology in Myanmar. He began translating the Bible into the Falam language in 2002. “My Falam Chin people are hungry for the Word of God,” he says.

He finished the New Testament and printed it in 2009, then he began translating the Old Testament, working with translation consultants to make sure every word and key term in every verse was correct.

In addition to working with consultants, Timothy invited a group of 16 pastors, two deacons, and two women from Falam Revival Baptist Church to read through and review his translation as a group. “It was a blessed time reading the Bible together,” he says. “All 20 readers were overjoyed because of the beauty of the language and accurate translation.”

Timothy is completing a final check of grammar and hopes to finish in June. A dedication service will take place in March 2018.