Earlier this year, the Eastern Uganda Baptist Association requested financial assistance to relieve Uganda communities from famine. Joshua Masaba, president of the association, says, “Thank you for your generous heart that helped us to survive the severe famine that swept through our land.”

The famine is continuing to devastate Uganda. Masaba says, “There was very poor harvest during the harvest time.” A few people grew a small amount crops and shared the food with others, but those crops are now depleted. Making matters worse, Masaba says, “some people planted crops in the second season, which started in July, but the army worms are sweeping through the land, consuming every green plant. Some farmers have tried to use chemicals to spray but with no success. This situation has greatly affected orphans, widows, the elderly, and those who are chronically ill. Vulnerable people are flocking my residence and church for the same help!”

Consider donating to help those in Uganda who are affected by the famine. Donate online, by phone, or by check, designating your gift International—Emergency Relief.