Nang Za Thawn is pastor of Evangelical Baptist Church in Tamu, Myanmar, a church that partners with the Evangelical Baptist Conference of Yangon, Myanmar. He sends the following ministry report about a 2015 flood that resulted in the planting of a church.

You might have heard about the devastating flooding of 2015 in this area. Haka Lay was one of the villages that was devastated. Villagers are rehabilitating themselves. They had to begin with zero, for all the paddy fields, houses, and properties were buried under the muddy flooding.

I could not help myself but shed tears when I first saw how the people were struggling for life. They need physical, mental, and spiritual help. We went to the village and stayed there for a week. We shared the Word of God. We could help these people meet their spiritual hunger. They are unchurched.

On January 16 of this year, 11 households (55 people total) came together to form a church. Please pray for the church building. Let me invite you to unite our hearts in prayer for the church and for the church building.

Nang Za Thawn
Evangelical Baptist Conference
Yangon, Myanmar