George Mwenda is president of Northern Baptist Association of Zambia. He sends the following ministry update.

Call boys are young boys who call for bus passengers from a far distance to come and board their buses. They are very disliked by the public, for they are frustrated, disrespectful, and use the filthy language. Sometimes they can rob the passenger with the pretense of helping. They are usually found at bus stations and make a lot of noise. James is a former call boy whose life has completely changed from filthy language to good language filled with good news to both his former work mates and the passengers. It happened that one Friday he was invited for lunch and prayers at ZaYoMiNet office. During the altar call he gave his life to Jesus and has lived in relationship with the Lord. Today he longer calls bus passengers to board buses but fellow youth to board in Christ.

George Mwenda, President

Northern Baptist Association of Zambia

Ndola, Zambia