Pastor Joseph Ayoo Naftali leads a gospel crusade in Tanzania.

In the bush of northern Tanzania, Joseph Ayoo Naftali leads eight churches that have been planted through the Holy Baptist Independent Churches of Africa.

The gift of a motorcycle in 2015, purchased through donations to Regular Baptist International, helps Pastor Joseph travel to these eight churches through the open fields. The motorcycle also was helpful as he recently led gospel crusades, preaching the Word of God to people in Tanzania. A pastor he serves with now needs his own motorcycle to make traveling easier. To help this pastor purchase a motorcycle, donate to Regular Baptist International’s project “Equipping International Pastors.”

The Holy Baptist Independent Churches of Africa includes a two-room school for children in kindergarten and first grade. About 80 children attend. Donations to Regular Baptist International provided the funds to construct the building in 2015. Now the school is “struggling for [a] way forward,” Pastor Joseph says. The school needs to build two more classrooms, add glass windows, and drill a well for water.

Pastor Joseph thanks supporters of Regular Baptist International for their prayers and financial assistance. To help this association further build its school, donate to Regular Baptist International.