Pastor B. T. Pousiam is president of Berean Baptist Ministries and Academy in Manipur, India. He sends the following ministry update.

Berean Baptist Academy started constructing a building in 2016, the area of which is 100 x 30 square feet. We have managed to build up to this level with maximum efforts, but due to financial shortages and other difficulties, we have been unable to continue the work and have therefore put the work on hold.  The said building is being constructed for multipurpose use, such as class upgrades, administrative block, conference hall, and orphan children’s dormitory. Please do pray with us for God’s manifold blessings upon the building project to be able to continue and complete it in time for school to begin the next session.

Pastor B. T. Pousiam
Berean Baptist Ministries
Noney, Manipur, India