Dr. Samuel Buraga serves with Bible Baptist Fellowship in Secunderabad, India. He sends the following letter.

There was a hidden blessing in this spiritual adventure, which we call “gospel campaign!” We were 120 including the local pastors and old graduates on perpetuating the mission of our lord Jesus Christ, for six days from December 3 through 8, 2016. There was overwhelming enthusiasm and spirit of dedication on the part of students! Strategically, we divided the entire student body into six teams. The faculty and the local church leaders added spiritual charisma to these endeavors!

The teams reached 120 villages all around the town of Hindupur. The population of the region is 300,000 including Hindupur. The students did personal evangelism, street preaching, distribution of 250,000 gospel tracts, and a few cottage meetings. Our population is multilingual, multicultural, multi-religious, besides being literate, semi-literate and illiterate!

Evening gospel meetings were attended by an average of 500 people—men, women, and children for five days. Team members went to interior residences and made sure that every house in these 120 villages has a Bible tract! In response to the call of the gospel, 100 people responded positively, 75 of them accepting Christ as Savior and 25 of them to rededicate themselves to live for and serve the Lord Jesus  Christ.

Dr. Samuel Buraga
Bible Baptist Fellowship
Secunderabad, Telangana, India