Crossroads Baptist Church in Dodowa, the greater Accra region of Ghana, has begun its second phase of construction after receiving a grant this spring from Regular Baptist International. Pastor Josiah Abedu-Kennedy of Ghana began this church in June 2009, but the congregation has been meeting in temporary locations.

The church building is being constructed in three phases. The $7,000 grant will cover the expenses of the second phase: cementing the floor, constructing the walls, and adding the roof.

Josiah has been sick with malaria for over a week, but masons are continuing with the work.

“We are putting in all the upper blocks that serve as windows, do the plastering of the inside walls, and now we have started the floor also. We also did a little work on the roof of the extension of the building,” Josiah says. “The rainy season has started, so we are trying harder to finish all work on time, because sometimes the rains are heavy on that part of the city.”

He adds, “Please continue to pray for strength for us as work continues.”

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