Ndihokubwimana Pascal is pastor and president of Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa. Regular Baptist International recently sent financial assistance through the Emergency Relief fund to help his community purchase food after a hailstorm destroyed crops. He sends the following thank-you letter and ministry update.

Thank you so much for the emergency relief received from you on Dec. 27. This amount was requested for food for the farmer victims of hail rain. Twenty-one families needed food in this time of growing again crops and vegetables. We bought for them cassava flour (the main food of the area), rice, and oil. We gave to them a little cash for any other food they may wish to buy.

“God is good,” they said. These farmers told me that the help came just at the right time. When others could be celebrating a happy new year, for them it was to be a new unhappy year. God transformed their cry into laughter. 

The farmers we selected during our visit, who were most in need and not able to do any other activity like business to raise income for their families, are older people. The food will be of much help during this period. The agricultural season lasts three months, and the food may help two to three weeks, depending on the size of the family. African families can have six to twelve family members in one home.

We need your continual prayers, and in case this is possible, another assistance can be so helpful in the second week of February, as some of them will be nearing the harvest of what they are growing now.

This help to these 21 families has really been a sign of love and compassion and illustrates well what Jesus Christ did by feeding the crowd. Families send their thanks to all the donors.

Ndihokubwimana Pascal
Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa
Goma, Congo