Independent Faith Baptist Churches of Kenya, consisting of 28 churches, partners with the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. Pastor Thomas Ooga, general secretary for the Kenyan association, welcomed Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, and his wife, Deb, to his church in Nairobi on Sunday, September 23. Deb taught the children’s Sunday School class, and Chris spoke for the youth service, adult Bible study, and morning worship service.

The congregation meets in a tent because the church was mistakenly demolished by a bulldozer in February. The church needs $13,000 to pay off its land plus an additional $5,000 for a temporary church structure. Despite its hardships, the church is still thriving. Chris says, “Seeing several men in this small congregation makes me believe that this church has a strong future.”

On Monday, Chris and Deb met with Pastor Thomas Ooga, Pastor Godfrey Barasa, and Pastor Abraham Ogola. These men were recently elected as the new officers in this reorganized association. Admittedly, the association has faced some struggles, but the men are optimistic and encouraged. The association needs a computer so the officers can be transparent with the minutes and financial disclosures. Other needs include Swahili Bibles and resources for pastors. Chris agreed to send Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials to the four regions for distribution to the local churches.

Each of the men agrees with Chris that the churches are not ours; rather, we are stewards of His church.