Mang Cin Pau is a pastor serving with Evangelical Baptist Conference in Yangon, Myanmar. He sends the following ministry update.

I’m happy to inform you about our ministry in Myanmar. In Myanmar, April 12–17 is a public holiday and we always had Bible camp in our church for our church members and newcomers. By the grace of God, we had a good time to teach the Bible, salvation, and our fundamental Baptist faith.

I baptized two people on April 17: an older man (68 years) and his daughter. The man professed Christ as his Savior two years ago. He has committed his life to serve the Lord and will witness to his people. He has a great burden for his relatives and people in the Ayeyawadi division. There are five members in his family, and he needs monthly support of $250 equivalent Myanmar Kyats. If there is any support for this evangelist and minister, it will be a great help and great ministry. Please pray for him.

Mang Cin Pau
Evangelical Baptist Conference
Yangon, Myanmar