The International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries is pleased to announce the acceptance of an association of churches in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Partnership of Biblical Baptist Churches came into being through the church planting efforts of students and graduates of the Biblical School of Theology in Yangon, Myanmar. In 2000 the school established a church planting ministry and organized it as Biblical Faith Baptist Missions, adopting the motto “With one mind striving together for the faith of the Gospel,” taken from Philippians 1:27. God has blessed the commitment and sacrifice of these new church planters. Since January 2018 the association has grown from 27 churches being planted to 36.

On Jan. 12, 2019, the Myanmar Partnership of Biblical Baptist Churches applied to the IPFBM to be considered for partnership. The application is received by the vice chairman, reviewed, and sent to the Council of Eight for its approval. The council unanimously approved the application. Since the president of the Myanmar association is well known by the council and the required documents had been submitted, further vetting was deemed unnecessary.

Praise God for the vision of the leaders and the focus of the Biblical School of Theology to train church planters.