Korea 2 inlinePastor and Mrs. Joseph Huang of South Korea attended the IPFBM International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, in the fall of 2009. At those meetings they met several partnering pastors from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Indonesia and caught their vision and passion.

The Huangs took the stories of these ministries back to their small congregation, Spring Water Baptist Church, pastored by Choi Dong Kwon, in Daegu, South Korea. Now, several years later, the church is committed to supporting others in ministry. Each month the church gives three pastors in Myanmar $350, one pastor in Bangladesh $150, one pastor in Indonesia $100, and one pastor in the border area of Myanmar and India $50.

The congregation also took on special projects to support two pastors who minister in areas that experienced heavy flooding, giving $460 to one and $400 to another.