The International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries has voted to accept the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia into its partnership.

This African association of 500 churches has a rich heritage. Baptist missionaries from England started the association in 1905 and established a mission station among the Lamba-speaking people in the province now called Copperbelt.

In 1914, facing financial difficulties, the missionaries passed the work to the South African Baptist Missionary Society, which then ministered in Zambia up to the mid-1960s. When Zambia gained its independence from Britain in 1964, Zambia no longer accepted missionaries from South Africa. The South African Baptist Missionary Society passed the work to the Australian Baptist Missionary Society, which served in Zambia until 1998. Since 1998, the work has been in the hands of the indigenous Zambians.

After reviewing the application of the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia, including its doctrinal statement, history, and constitution, the IPFBM Council of Eight officially voted to receive this new association into its partnership. The final step is an on-site visit, which Chris Hindal has planned for October.

Praise God for brothers and sisters in Africa who stand firmly upon the Word of God. We welcome them as partners in fulfilling the Great Commission assignment.