George Mwenda is president of the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia. He sends the following ministry update.

At Buteko primary school today 60 students committed their hearts for the first to the Lord—21 boys and 39 girls! I preached in John 3:16 with the theme “Who Is Jesus?” He is the Savior the only beloved and begotten son of God. Despite being seated on the cold floor, students had their hearts warm for the gospel. The head teacher was so excited and wants us frequently ministering at her school of around two thousand students.

The Jesus Film event was on June 28–July 3. We penetrated the woods in Mpongwe rural areas. We  showed the Jesus movie to the three churches and one preaching point. More than 100 people attended the shows and preaching. The villagers were excited to watch the movie and learn from Jesus’s teaching for the first time in their life. Some were over 60 years of age.

George Mwenda
Northern Baptist Association of Zambia
Ndola, Zambia