Liberia camp inlineThomas Vahwulu is director of Duaita Youth Camp in Liberia, a ministry of the African Fundamental Baptist Mission. Recently the camp, established in the 1970s, realized its facilities needed renovating. “In view of the very bad state of disrepair, our camp site is proving to be dangerous and is becoming increasingly untenable for ministry,” Vahwulu said in 2013.

The GARBC International Ministries came to its aid. Attending an International Ministries luncheon at the 2014 GARBC Conference, delegates of GARBC churches donated funds to enable the camp to purchase mattresses and bedding. When campers stayed at the facility Jan. 26–31, they all slept comfortably, Vahwulu reports, thanking the International Ministries for the funds.

Duaita Youth Camp usually holds two camps each year. However, last year it was forced to cancel its midyear camp because of the Ebola outbreak. The camp is returning to its regular schedule “now that the risk of the virus has greatly subsided and people are now free to move around and gather in large groups.” Sixty-five youth attended the camp in January. Of those, 16 came to know the Lord, and 27 recommitted their lives to Him.