Jesse Quapourlee is a pastor with the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc., in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. He requests prayer for an upcoming conference. He writes: 

I wanted to request your prayers for the success of our pending Easter Conference, which is slated to be held at Gaamu Baptist Church in Gaamu Town, a bordering town between Liberia and Guinea. The meeting commences on April 12 and ends on April 16. It is expected to bring together many church leaders and workers from over 30 independent Bible-believing Baptist churches of Liberia. We’re praying for travel safety, good weather conditions, success of the gospel presentations, positive responses to the preaching of the Word, great Christian fellowship, etc. We will highly appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s supervisory role in all.

Jesse Quapourlee
African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc.
Monrovia, Liberia